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Transform your operations with AgileFlow.AI®, the premier AI assistant tailored for local governments, non-profits, education providers, ESG-reporting entities, and more. AgileFlow.AI® revolutionises governance, planning, and reporting by automating 50 functions, including compliance, risk management, and DA pre-assessments. It also streamlines document creation, such as council reports, policy drafts, and project plans.

📧 Using AgileFlow.AI® is as easy as emailing a personal assistant. Simply forward relevant details, links, and attachments to specialised email addresses like '' (provided in every response). In about a minute, you'll receive precise, customised reports tailored to your community and organisation. Alternatively, use our user-friendly request form below

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Legal & Compliance
Agreement Drafts legal agreements to safeguard interests.
Case Analysis Researches legal precedents to strengthen case strategies.
Compliance Report Ensures documents comply with legal and regulatory standards.
Critical Incident Plan Develops plans to respond effectively to critical incidents.
DA Report Provides preliminary assessments of development applications.
Legal Brief Drafts concise and persuasive legal briefs summarising facts and arguments.
Legal Interpretation Provides legal and legislative interpretation to ensure compliance.
Policy Draft Drafts and revises policy documents to ensure accuracy and relevance.
Terms of Reference Defines objectives, scope, and responsibilities for committees or projects.
Financial & Analysis
Assessment Report Evaluates submissions, grants, assignments, and more against specified criteria.
Budget Plan Details financial projections and allocations for projects.
EIA Report Assesses environmental impacts of projects.
ESG Report Evaluates performance against environmental, social, and governance criteria.
Financial Analysis Evaluates financial data to provide insights.
Grant Proposal Crafts proposals to secure project funding, outlining objectives and needs.
Market Analysis Analyses market trends and data to provide insights for strategic decisions.
Research Digest Summarises key research findings for informed decisions.
SIA Report Assesses the social impacts of projects on communities and stakeholders.
Project Management & Strategy
Charter Creates a charter outlining objectives, scope, stakeholders, and more.
Community Plan Develops a comprehensive plan addressing community needs and goals.
Concept Designs Develops concept designs to visually communicate project ideas.
Event Plan Develops detailed plans for events, including logistics, scheduling, and more.
Operational Plan Drafts detailed plans to guide organisational activities.
Project Plan Develops detailed plans for project execution.
Risk Management Plan Identifies potential risks and formulates mitigation strategies.
Sponsorship Proposal Drafts proposals to attract sponsorships, outlining benefits.
Strategy Outline Designs strategic plans to achieve goals and outline methods.
Training Program Creates detailed training programs, outlining objectives, schedules, and more.
Reports & Documentation
Annual Report Summarises yearly achievements, financial performance, and goals.
Board Report Provides updates on governance, strategic decisions, and financial status.
Committee Report Details findings, activities, and recommendations from committee projects.
Council Report Produces a detailed council report.
Document Preparation Transforms bullet points into paragraphs and refines documents for clarity.
Executive Report Produces a detailed executive report.
Grammar Check Reviews and corrects grammatical errors in documents.
Summary Provides summaries of content for conciseness and accessibility.
Communication & Public Engagement
Communications Plan Develops comprehensive strategies for effective communication.
Email Reply Writes effective email responses to enhance community interaction.
Engagement Questions Creates interactive questions for surveys and engagement activities.
Media Release Drafts official statements for media distribution.
Newsletter Content Develops content for newsletters to keep stakeholders informed.
Public Notice Informs and enhances public engagement through compliant notices.
Script Develops scripts for videos, podcasts, or other multimedia content.
Administrative Tasks
Action Log Summarises and organises emails, such as Councillor correspondence.
CMS Filing Automates filing content into the most suitable CMS category.
Form Assist Drafts content to fill in forms accurately and effectively.
Meeting Records Combines agendas and minutes to provide comprehensive records of meetings.
Notation Interprets images and audio, notating handwriting and speech.
Position Description Details roles and responsibilities within the organisation.
Translation Translates documents accurately between specified languages.